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Posters are 11"x 17" in size and are shipped to the customer directly.  The Basic Subscription includes 4 posters per quarter for a total of 16 posters per year.  The Premium Subscription includes 6 posters per quarter for a total of 24 posters per year.  Save on shipping and get the entire year shipped at once!  Other poster sizes are available upon request.

Poster Subscription - Physical Copy

  • The shipping costs are calculated for this yearly payment.  If you select quarterly shipping, the cost includes 4 different shipments in the year making is seem like a high shipment cost.  Divide this by 4 to calculate each shipment charge.

  • This product is set to auto-renew yearly.  Please let us know if you do not want auto-renew.  We will send an email to inform you of the auto-renew feature before issuing payment for the following year.

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