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About Us

Instructor History

Hi, my name is Tyson and I am the instructor for Shearer Group.  I have been teaching the Canadian Firearms Safety Course since 2017 and have come a long way in quality and efficiency since the first year.  Continue reading below to hear my story.


Our Story

With no background in teaching I wanted to earn extra money and diversify my income stream and firearms were a major interest to me.  Upon contacting Alberta Hunter Education Instructor Association, I decided to put my name in to be a future instructor in 2013.  Only a select amount of instructors are designated per area so it was a long 4 year wait before I was gifted the chance to instruct.  

The wait was over and I endured the AHEIA training and certification along with a regular Vulnerable Sector Check from the RCMP to be qualified to teach the Canadian Firearm Safety Course in 2017.  At the time I was working at the Red Deer Airport which required the PAL Firearms License to be an employee as we used certain firearms for scaring wildlife from the airfield.

This was one of the reasons I was accepted to be an instructor as it showed a reasonable method of obtaining students; through the Red Deer Airport staff.  My first class was taught to my wife and brother for critical feedback as I had no teaching experience.  The second course was to the entire airport staff.  Now that I had a grip on what I was doing I began teaching the public.

Now with over 150 classes being taught I have it down to a fine science and can read peoples skill levels to teach accordingly.  But with that many courses being taught, the repetition becomes a real problem so I also learn ways to seek new questions and stories from the students in order to change it up.

I now incorporate the firearms course as a third of my career time and thoroughly enjoy teaching and the feedback I get.  My next step is to add more courses to teach which I aim to be firearms and/or safety related.

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